Friday, January 26, 2007

Dave Brubeck - Time Out

Decade - 1950's

Dave Brubeck - Time Out (1959)

Another day, another instrumental. This time it's jazz from the 1950's.

Now I'm not a jazz fan so far (nor a hater) - and this has done nothing to convert me. I listened
to this before I wiki'd or Amazon'd it and frankly the only things that came to mind was "boring, elevator music". I could not find much to enjoy about it.

I couldn't find much to hate either - it's simply pleasant sounding, background music. Now the amazon reviews talk about it's interesting time signatures and its historical place in Jazz music's history, but none of these things actually effect my enjoyment either way. If the complexity of music doesn't translate to "enjoyable" for me, then it becomes rather pointless. Perhaps this is simply music that doesn't age well - but for me the point of music is to express *something* emotionally (even if that's just plain and simple happiness) and this just doesn't.

Dave Brubeck was a Jazz pianist and the most famous track on this album is "Take Five". I recognised it, and that's probably why it's the only track I was slightly interested in.

Just not my thing.

Score - 3/10

Best Tracks - Take Five

Genre - Jazz, instrumental

Recommended: Only to jazz fans or elevator operators.


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