Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Michael Jackson - Off the Wall

Decade - 1970's

Michael Jackson - Off The Wall (1979)

Listening to this album, it becomes clear how much of a shame it is that Michael Jackson is now infamous for his nose jobs, child related scandals and for being downright weird. This album was the first he took actual control over, and he was 21 years old at its release. The album was produced by Quincy Jones and features lyrics/music by Jackson, Paul Mcartney, and Stevie Wonder. No wonder it has sold 20 million copies!

I didn't mind this at all. Most of the songs are fairly well known and there is no filler. They aren't all originals as mentioned, but Michael wrote Don't Stop til you Get Enough which is really the best song on the album anyway. The Paul Mcartney penned "Girlfriend" is probably the worst!

It's not brilliant, but it's solid. I couldn't stop myself drifting off though....maybe I'm just not a Jackson fan.

Score - 7.5/10

Genre - Disco/Funk/Soul

Best Tracks - Don't Stop Till You Get Enough, Rock with You, She's out of my Life

Recommend - Yes


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