Thursday, February 08, 2007

Miles Davis - Kind of Blue

Decade - 1950's

Miles Davis - Kind of Blue (1959)

Whenever you do these kinds of lists - you always end up having to review someone hugely respected with fans who would want to hunt you down if you disrespect them or fail to see how wonderful they are. Imagine for example, if I gave The Beatles' Revolver 1/10 (that is NOT going to happen, but y'know). There's always the temptation to give in and give a good score just to appease everyone and maintain your credibility and "good taste".

This is one of those albums. It's a classic Jazz album by one of the best Jazz musicians, so I might have gotten away with dissing Dave Brubeck but Miles Davis?!? Uh Oh.

So I was preparing to find ways to say "yeah, meh" whilst still being a little tactful. I'd already dutifully listened about 3 times and still I felt nothing...

And then..........

Well still nothing! This wasn't leading up to some epiphany where I suddenly realise what great music it is! On the other hand, I didn't hate it and it doesn't deserve the elevator music label I bestowed on poor Dave, so that's something.

I just DON'T get this kind of Jazz. I don't NEED melodies, but I apparently DO need movement in a song and this kind of meandering just doesn't float my boat. I liked this better than Time Out, by quite a lot. I liked the mood better, and it's not uninteresting or boring. It just doesn't sustain my interest for attentive listening and I'm just not a background music type. It also doesn't effect me emotionally, and THAT is my benchmark.

So honestly? He may be wonderful, or this may be a wonderful album, but not every great album is for every person.

Score - 6/10

Genre - Jazz

Best Songs - No idea

Recommended - If you like Jazz


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