Sunday, February 04, 2007

Basement Jaxx - Remedy

Decade - 1990's

Basement Jaxx - Remedy (1999)

Basement Jaxx are an influential House/Dance Music duo hailing from England who became popular in the 90's. Everyone will have heard "Red Alert" which is a classic dance track and radio hit.

I'm not a huge dance music fan - mostly because it seems kind of pointless listening to it while not being able to I do prefer dance beats to hip-hop beats though, so I was optimistic on first listen to a degree.

All in all, it wasn't too bad. It's definitely not a soulless, repetitive dance drone, and the hooks are pretty catchy. There is a dark, funky edge to most of the songs, and they seamlessly incorporate other genres into the music like ska, disco, funk, hip-hop, rock and pop.

My only quibble is the interludes - totally pointless and too many!

Score - 7/10

Genre - Dance, House

Best Tracks - Red Alert, Bingo Bango, Always Be There

Recommended - Yes


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