Sunday, April 15, 2007

Pixies - Doolittle

Decade - 1980's

Label - 4AD

Producer - Gil Norton

Country - US

Genre - Alt Rock

1. Debaser Listen Listen
2. Tame Listen Listen
3. Wave of Mutilation Listen Listen
4. I Bleed Listen Listen
5. Here Comes Your Man Listen Listen
6. Dead Listen Listen
7. Monkey Gone to Heaven Listen Listen
8. Mr. Grieves Listen Listen
9. Crackity Jones Listen Listen
10. La La Love You Listen Listen
11. No. 13 Baby Listen Listen
12. There Goes My Gun Listen Listen
13. Hey Listen Listen
14. Silver Listen Listen
15. Gouge Away Listen Listen

Pixies - Doolittle (1989)

I have no idea why I like the Pixies so much because they really aren't my style, but I do!

Their previous album Surfer Rosa is a little too full on for me, but Doolittle has always been my favourite Pixies album and while I don't listen to it that often, I'm always happy when I remember to.

Doolittle is sometime very loud (Francis Black screams extremely well!) and sometimes just nicely melodic. Their songwriting is always interesting, if not strange - Debaser was inspired by Bunuel's short movie Un Chien Andalou, and Wave of Mutilation is about driving into the sea!

The Pixies are solid alt rock, probably not as exciting or innovative now as they would have then, but Doolittle is a great album and has stood the test of time (and numerous copy cats) quite well.

Score - 8.5/10

Recommended - Yes


At 6:30 AM , Anonymous number said...

one of the great albuns of alt-rock of the 90s


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