Saturday, June 02, 2007

Ryan Adams - Heartbreaker

Decade - 2000s

Label - Bloodshot

Producer - Ethan Jones

Country - US

Genre - Alt Country

1(Argument With David Rawlings Concerning Morrissey)0:37
2To Be Young (Is to Be Sad, Is to Be High)3:04
3My Winding Wheel3:13
5Oh My Sweet Carolina4:57
6Bartering Lines3:59
7Call Me on Your Way Back Home3:09
8Damn, Sam (I Love a Woman That Rains)
9Come Pick Me Up5:18
10To Be the One3:01
11Why Do They Leave?3:38
12Shakedown on 9th Street2:53
13Don't Ask for the Water2:56
14In My Time of Need5:39
15Sweet Lil Gal (23rd/1st)3:39

Ryan Adams - Heartbreaker (2000)

I'm quite open to alt country. I'm a huge Wilco fan and also love Tweedy's stuff in Golden Smog so I was quite expecting to like Ryan Adams, or at least think it is a pretty good album.

And yep, it ended up just "pretty good".

As the title suggests, Heartbreaker is an album about....heartbreak. Not quite as emotionally intimate (or one noted) as Beck's Seachange, but it is still an album essentially about the ups and numerous downs of love.

Two problems for me with this album - one is that it's very front loaded and so drags about 3/4 of the way through. The second is that it's about 5% too country rather than alt-country for my tastes. That of course, is not the album's fault.

Generally though, I like it and I'm keeping it. The duet with Emmylou Harris is sweet and I really like Adams' voice. The first track (one of only two up tempo rock tracks) "To Be Young" is just very very fun.

Unfortunately I read this is his most under-produced album so I don't think I'll be checking out his later stuff that eagerly. Maybe one day.

Score - 8/10
Recommended - Yep.


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