Saturday, May 12, 2007

Air - The Virgin Suicides

Decade - 2000s

Label - Astralwerks

Producer - Air
Country - France
Genre - Electronic/Ambient pop

1Playground Love3:32
2Clouds Up1:30
3Bathroom Girl2:25
4Cemetary Party2:36
5Dark Messages2:28
6The Word 'Hurricane'2:33
7Dirty Trip6:12
8Highschool Lover2:42
9Afternoon Sister2:24
10Ghost Song2:16
11Empty House2:58
12Dead Bodies2:59
13Suicide Underground5:56

Air - The Virgin Suicides (Soundtrack)

Why oh why is this on the list? It's a nice soundtrack for a great movie that doesn't work at all as an album unless you want to go for a nap. Nice, moody electronica with pop influences for 40 minutes is basically what you get. This is a score that works great in the movie, but without the visual images, it simply goes nowhere.

Quite a few amazing albums are not in this book so it always bugs me when undeserving albums make it on (See Britney Spears!). A french duo, Air's previous album "Moon Safari" was well received in a critical sense so I imagine this is why this particular album made it through.

Some scores work well outside the movie, but I don't think this does. It's like getting half a story and spending the rest of the time squinting, trying to figure out what the rest of the pieces of the puzzle are trying to say.

Bad choice and it is certainly not an album anyone needs to hear before they die!

Score - 5/10 as an album (8/10 as the actual movie score)

Recommended? No


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