Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Gary Numan - The Pleasure Principle

Decade - 1970's

Gary Numan - The Pleasure Principle (1979)

Boy oh boy, late 70's/early 80's synth electro-pop. I didn't recognise his name but mostly everyone will recognise one of the tracks, "Cars", which was the only hit off this album.

This album went to #1 in the UK (great, but um, so did Mr. Blobby!), and is the only Numan album that is purely electronic. I freely admit - I do not get it. I don't get the appeal, or why anyone who isn't part robot would want to listen. It's a very cold, keyboard driven album sung by someone who relates to androids way too much. It screams 80's (despite it's 1979 release) and not the GOOD 80's that gave us bands like The Cure & REM, but the 80's that produced leggings and ra-ra skirts.

Lyrically it's not too bad, a bit of a mixed bag. "Metal" is pretty nifty - it's about an android that wants to become human (Number 5 ALIVE!). The single, Cars is um, strange to say the least.

"Here in my car I feel safest of all / I can lock all my doors / It's the only way to live / In cars"

I'm not sure this resonates that well with a 90's teenager! (or a Radiohead fan - see Killer Cars)

To be fair, Gary Numan was quite influential at the time and paved the way for a few other synthpop acts and bands like Depeche Mode. He has also been covered numerous times, by Nine Inch Nails (Metal), Afrika Bambaataa, Basement Jaxx, Fear Factory and even credited by Bambaataa as influencing hip-hop!

I can safely say though, that Gary Numan will never make his way onto my ipod.

Score - 3/10

Genre - Synth-pop, Electro-pop

Best Tracks - Cars, Airlane, Metal

Recommended? Not unless you really wish it was the 80's again.


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