Monday, January 29, 2007

Jungle Brothers - Done by the Forces of Nature

Decade - 1980's

Jungle Brothers - Done by the Forces of Nature (1989)

This album was the second by Jungle Brothers, the first (Straight Out the Jungle) released the previous year. While considered a classic hip-hop release, it never reached the fame of other similar albums and groups around the same time (De La Soul for example).

This is a vastly different beast than my previous venture into hip-hop (N.W.A). For one, there isn't anywhere near the amount of copious swearing that occupied every second sentence of Straight Outta Compton. This album is very afro-centric, lyrically and musically. Sadly, it's also a lot less compelling.

That's right, I preferred the gangsta rap! I just got completely lost in this, I couldn't keep track of when one song ended and another began, and the rapping was mumbled or unclear, so I couldn't actually follow the song anyway. It's ok as background music, but I won't be listening again.

Score - 4/10

Genre - Hip-Hop/Rap

Best Tracks - I could tell if you I could tell one from the other!

Recommended? No.


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