Thursday, February 15, 2007

Scott Walker - Scott 4

Decade - 1960's

Scott Walker - Scott 4

Let me just say, I was looking forward to this! I'd never heard Scott Walker before but knew a lot of people who liked him and raved about it, so I was hoping to really like it.

But....I just don't get it!

The major problem for me is that the real centerpiece of the album is Scott's voice. It's a deep, baritone voice with lots of vibrato. He sounds like a crooner. Actually he sounds like one of those people you've never heard of who sing the boring songs at Carols by Candlelight! And that's the issue - I can't stand the voice. He's obviously a talented singer, but I get nothing out of it and find those kinds of voices emotionless.

The music itself does nothing for me either. Some of it has nice, lush orchestration but I can't get past the voice to find a melody or hook.

The only thing I did like and will admit, is that he's a great lyricist. And this is not just a bunch of schmaltzy love songs either, he sings about war and the neo-stalinist regime.

"with eyes that ring like chimes
His anti-worlds go spinning through his head
He burns them in his dreams
for half awake they may as well be dead "
(The Old Man's Back Again)

I almost wish I could hear someone else sing these lyrics.

I'll give the other albums a go, but I sincerely doubt I'm ever going to be a Scott Walker fan.

Score - 6/10 (and that's all for the lyrics)

Genre - Pop/Rock/Country mixture

Best Tracks - Hero of the War, The Old Man's Back Again.

Recommended - Try for yourself


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