Saturday, April 21, 2007

Cheap Trick - Live at Budokan

Decade - 1970's

Label - Epic
Producer - Cheap Trick, Bruce Dickinson, Jack Douglas
Country - US
Genre - Live, Arena Rock, Pop Rock

A1Hello There2:27
A2Come On, Come On3:03
A4Big Eyes3:47
A5Need Your Love9:07
B1Ain't That a Shame5:10
B2I Want You to Want Me3:38
B4Good Night Now2:42
B5Clock Strikes Ten4:11

Cheap Trick - At Budokan (1979)

Well this one shocked me. Previous to putting this on I thought "Dang, Cheap Trick? Cheesey, long haired rocker arena pop rock? Oh no!". Well all of that is still true, except it's um, GOOD.

I normally dislike live albums, I never buy them (except for Radiohead) but this one really knocks your embarrassed socks off. Usually, a live album comes *after* a band is popular, but it was this album recorded in Japan and sold initially as an import in the US, that put them on the map. It sold bucket loads too.

Now why is it good? It's just FULL of energy and fun. The first half is good but not great, but once they get halfway and of course "I want you to want me" (which lets face it, is a crazily fun song) the pace picks up, the Japanese girlies start screaming and it's all on from there until the end.

It's the only live album I've listened to where I've really wish I was there.

One note - I did not listen to this version, I listened to the "full" concert version which was released later with added tracks.

Score - 8.8/10

Best Tracks - I Want You To Want Me

Recommended - Yes


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