Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Bonnie Prince Billy - I See A Darkness

Decade - 1990's

Bonnie Prince Billy - I see a Darkness (1999)

I totally believe Will Oldham (BPB's real name) when he tells me he can see a darkness. He takes a full 37 minutes to tell me this in great detail, after all.

This is one heck of a depressing album. I'm all for depressing music (heck, I love Joy Division's Closer), but this almost takes the cake. Musically it's just so sparse, his voice so broken and sad and the the lyrics! This is what I'm going to hand anyone who dares tell me Radiohead are depressing.

In all seriousness, this is a very good album. It takes many repeated listenings (I got up to number 5), and it's not for those who need uplifting music, catchy hooks or straight up melody. Despite the bleak lyrics, I did keep going back to them again and again. It's a very moody, haunting, night time album that is not going to be one you listen to a LOT, but when you do and the mood is right, you are rewarded. The songs grow slowly on you, and his voice is just perfect for it. He sounds like a real person with real pain, not someone acting out what emotion should sound like.

A nice surprise and find.

Score - 8.8/10

Genre - Alt country/folk

Best Tracks - I see a Darkness, A Minor Place

Recommended - yes


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