Thursday, February 15, 2007

Ray Charles - The Genius of Ray Charles

Decade - 1950's

Ray Charles - The Genius of Ray Charles (1959)

Well surprisingly, I really really liked this. Everybody's heard of Ray Charles but for me he's the kind of person I'd heard OF but never listened to at all. It's a pity, because he has a GREAT voice and this album showcases it well. He has soul coming out of his pores!

It becomes obvious in one listen that this was obviously presented as a two sided record (y'know, back in the day). "Side A" features the Ray Charles Band with arrangements by Quincy Jones (and classics like It Had To Be You) whilst "Side B" is ballad driven (with MORE classics like Come Rain or Come Shine) with arrangements by Ralph Burns and a string orchestra. Both sides are very good, but other than It Had To Be You I prefer the more laid back songs of Side B.

I'm definitely keeping this one.

Score - 8.7/10

Genre - Soul, R&B

Best Tracks - It Had To Be You, Come Rain or Come Shine, Am I Blue

Recommended - Yes


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