Saturday, June 09, 2007

Bebel Gilberto - Tanto Tempo

Decade - 2000s

Label: Ziriguiboom

Producer -Suba

Country - Brazil

Genre - Bossa Nova

1Samba da Benção4:47
2August Day Song4:37
3Tanto Tempo3:01
4Sem Contenção3:10
5Mais Feliz4:17
7So Nice (Summer Samba)3:32
10Samba e Amor3:28
11Close Your Eyes4:16

Bebel Gilberto - Tanto Tempo (2000)

Well, one of the few albums on the list not from the UK/US/AU.

Bebel obviously comes from a music loving family - her father is Joao Gilberto, a Bossa Nova legend (and these are his songs). Her mother is also a singer, Muicha, and her uncle (Chico Buarque) is a singer/songwriter. Bebel has recorded with all of them!

This album is actually the biggest selling Brazillian album outside of Brazil... a fact the poor producer never got to see because he died straight after it was completed.

Anyway to the album itself - it is basically background music. Pleasant and fairly relaxing background music for sure with an old time and Latino vibe - but that is still all it is.

There is just nothing really compelling here. She has a nice (and again, pleasant) voice but there is little passion or rawness to make you sit up and listen. While the electronic vibe towards the end of the album is good, it still doesn't add enough personality to this to make it interesting. I have a feeling it probably doesn't even improve on the originals.

It's certainly not a hard listen. The production is lush and a bit dreamy, so for those who like background music or very relaxing, passive music then it's a good choice.

Score - 6.8/10
Recommended - Sure


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