Monday, March 19, 2007

Metallica - S&M

Decade - 1990's

Metallica - S&M - 1999

Well, have to admit, I liked this a fair bit. I can't stand metal usually but Metallica are so overblown and dramatic that that remind me of a dark-side version of The Arcade Fire!

I had trouble rating this because honestly, I've never heard the originals of the non-singles. This is a live double CD Metallica recorded with the San Francisco Symphony orchestra of tracks found on their previous albums.

I can guess that many long time Metallica fans probably hate this with a passion. Greatest hit cd's of any kind tend to bring out the tears and tantrums from fans and couple a heavy metal band with a viola and cello and I would expect some sad, sad fans. But as a non fan and heavy metal hater (ok, disliker) I liked it - especially (predictably) Nothing Else Matters.

Score - 7.8/10

Genre - Heavy Metal

Best tracks - Nothing Else Matters

Recommended - If you aren't into metal, yes


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