Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Pink Floyd - The Wall

Decade - 1970's

Pink Floyd - The Wall

While this is a well loved and 'classic' album - I seriously wonder how much of that is from its reputation. I like the IDEA of the album, but so many of the songs are lacklustre and boring that it just isn't a "great" album. A great album should be compelling - this isn't.

Thankfully, everyone keeps telling me this is not their best effort, and I believe them.

Surprising I don't have much to say about such a famous album - but that's about all I could get out of it - MEH.

Score - 6.5/10

Genre - rock, experimental rock

Best Tracks - Comfortably Numb, Another brick in the wall

Recommended? - Meh, again.


At 12:08 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, found your comment on this blog via redbubble, came to have a look rather than do some work.

You know I think the Wall was from the '80's? I loved it but music is personal isnt it.

Im impressed with the amount of work your putting into this, I will save it as a favourite and keep an eye on it.




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